Another Day, Another Costume.

Okay, your joke should be over.
Please quit while your ahead Joe Jonas, these millions of screaming girls that the news constantly reports about, yeah, they come to see you. Not Elvis Presley.

Maybe Ms. Belle broke up with you because she released how much of an attention sucker you are.
Nick and Kevin, you rock! Keep it real.

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Jonas Brothers Go for the Gold?

Both the Jonas Brother's self titled second studio album release, The Jonas Brothers and A Little Bit Longer have made it both platinum and double platinum on the charts.

This picture, taken at one of the Jonas Brothers Pre-Concert Soundcheck Parties suggests that they are once again on their way to making their most recent studio album release [Lines, Vines and Trying Times] an official platinum album.


Mark Wahlberg Gets Hitched prt. 2 Anyone Notice This Weird Lady?

What the heck is this ladies deal?
1st of all it looks like she's in love with him,
2nd doesn't anyone know, if your not famous dont stare at random cameras?

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Mark Wahlberg Gets Hitched!

Mark Wahlberg crushed millions of hearts today when he wed Victoria Secret Supermodel Rhea Durham.
The Wedding was 'very intimate'. The guest list included their 3 children along with 12 close friends. Mrs. Wahlberg wore s strapless, white Marchesa wedding gown.
She looked beatiful.
More images below:

images are credited to

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Pretty Betty?

ABC - Ugly Betty Producers have finally decided it's time for America Ferrera's character, Betty Suarez to get a makeover. Their thinking of losing the braces [finally, who has braces for that long?] the crazy eyebrows, the roadkill they call 'hair' and possibly the chunky glasses?!

They makeover has been inspired by Betty's new position at Mode as an editor.

A focus group is being put together of fans and viewers to critique Betty's new look and give different opinions and suggestions.

"She's still far from perfect" says one focus groupe member.

Just remember ABC, the show is called UGLY BETTY.

Tune into Ugly Betty on ABC to see what all of the craze is about for the Season Premier on October 9th @ 8/7c

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Tyra Joins Duff on Gossip Girl

Reality Televison Star and Talkshow Host Tyra Banks has signed on for a guest appearance in the popular television series 'Gossip Girl'.

Tyra's been cast to play an actress starring opposite in a movie of Hilary Duff's character. Tyra will appear on the 4th episode of the upcoming season.

Hopefully they'll put her in a few more episodes?
What do you think?

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A New Desperate Housewife?

John Barrowman of Torchwood may get the chance to be the next Desperate Housewife. In a recent radio interview he says "I probably shouldn't say this but I've got a meeting with the execs of Desperate Housewives. Can you believe it, I'm going to be a Desperate Housewife!"

Let's just hope the 'Out & Proud' 42 year old just doesn't mess up his chances by blabbering!

Do you think he'll be a good addition to the team?

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